NDIS Driving Lessons

By Ronak

NDIS Driving Lessons with Qualified Instructors

We provide NDIS driving lessons every day of the week. Our instructors have undertaken NDIS driver training to give quality, safe and educational lessons to individuals with disabilities such as Autism, Aspergers, hearing loss, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and more. Our instructors are patient and relaxed when teaching to help you become a safe and responsible driver.

Common Mistakes People Make with NDIS Driving Schools

Avoid these common mistakes to get the most out of your driving lessons.

  • Failing to get medical clearance from your doctor to drive: Some conditions require a medical certificate from your doctor for you to be eligible for driving lessons. Our instructors are aware and will inform you of the requirements needed to have NDIS driving lessons in the Western suburbs of Sydney.
  • Your vehicle does not have the right modifications: It is beneficial not to rush out and purchase a car without knowing what modifications you need. We provide modified cars such as with a fitted steering knob or electronic adaptation to help you manoeuvre easier when driving and parking. Our initial assessment will help to identify what assistance you need, and we can save you from spending unnecessary money on a vehicle that is not appropriate.
  • Not having the right NDIS plan: You need to ensure that you list driving as one of the key goals on your NDIS plan to avoid delays in receiving lessons. This plan should also include appropriate funding requests such as access to qualified driving instructors, as the correct details need to be approved and signed off. You will experience unexpected delays if you fail to set the appropriate plan.

Our instructors follow a structured driving plan to ensure you receive the best driving education.

The Importance of Our NDIS Driving Lessons in Sydney

We provide disabled driving lessons to help you maintain a sense of independence.

  • Our instructors are trained and certified: We ensure that all our instructors have undergone intensive training through Rehab On Road. This education qualifies and certifies our instructors as NDIS trainers and helps them to understand your needs and struggles with driving lessons.
  • We provide modified vehicles for driving lessons: You will drive with ease in our modified vehicles which are fitted with steering knobs or electronic assistance. These devices help you to turn, park, brake and accelerate smoothly and safely. We also have dual control cars in which our instructors can offer immediate assistance if necessary.
  • You will learn to drive with patient and relaxed instructors: Our instructors are patient and relaxed which makes for a calm atmosphere when learning to drive. They will give you a quality driving education that will ensure you are well prepared when you sit your test.

About Onroad Driving School

Our instructors are NDIS trained to provide driving lessons for a wide range of disabilities. We provide driving lessons seven days a week in manual or automatic transmission cars. We are an award-winning driving school with a successful pass rate and offer a First Go guarantee. Contact us today to book driving lessons with professional and qualified instructors.

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