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By Ronak
Onroad Driving School

Onroad Driving School, a fast growing award winning Sydney Driving School has qualified RTA driving instructors who facilitate your safe driving; whether in Sydney or anywhere else in New South Wales helping you understand causes of road accidents. The main reason for accidents, as also taught by instructors in driving lessons is not due to any external factor, but accidents are primarily due to a speedy or aggressive driver.

Some of the other key reasons are:

  • Equipment Failure
    The most cited types of equipment failure, and things driving schools’ instructors warn you of, in Sydney or other parts of the Australia are brakes (loss of brakes), tires (tire blowouts or treat separation) , steering and suspension (steering/suspension failure).
  • Poor Roadway Design
    When the required attention is not given to, hazard visibility (bends, crests, school zones, road construction, traffic jams etc.), roadway surfaces (example, grooved pavement), traffic control devices (traffic light signals, speed limit signs, police surveillance cameras etc.), behavioral control devices (built-in obstacles like crash barrels, pedestrian islands, raised, medians, high curbing etc.), traffic flow (traffic in one way or two way streets) roadway identification signs (examples, advance notice of intersections, destinations, hazards, route numbers etc.), and weather - (ice and snow) accidents occur. New Drivers should get used to road signs, speed control, and make adjustments when weather conditions change to be in complete control of their cars.
  • Poor Maintenance
    Some potential roadway maintenance shortcomings are: debris, faded road signs and potholes. Roadway construction though is an often cited reason; a good driving instructor and seasoned driver will always acknowledge this fact. The faults usually lies with the drivers unwilling to merge or slow down and are always in a rush, no matter what the condition on the road is. Many wintertime accidents in Sydney are blamed on inadequate salting or sanding of icy roadways, but again the real culprit is often excessive speed.
  • Driver Behaviour Mishaps
    They occur when a driver gets distracted, perhaps by a cell phone call or a spilled cup of coffee. Remember a simple rule “Speed Kills”: The faster the speed of a vehicle, the greater the risk of an accident. Any driving school that has been qualified by RTA instructor would always encourage the drivers (learners) to drive slow and safe. Bad drivers, young, middle aged and old men and women driving good cars and family cars) often commit accidents. Same is the case with aggressive drivers, who besides being aggressive, have selfish attitudes, and is the most difficult area to change involving excessive speed, failure to signal, disregarding traffic controls, impaired driving etc.

These important factors when taken care of can ensure you safe and accident free driving in Sydney and outside. Onroad driving school wishes you miles and miles of happy, safe driving. Always follow rules and your RTA instructor while you drive!

Driving in Sydney is fun and enjoyable. Please follow these Safe Driving Instructions for you and fellow drivers. If you are planning to appear for Driving Test in Sydney, make sure you get your complete driving lessons from qualified Driving Instructors. Onroad Driving School Professional Driving Instructors are available at your service.

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