Online Learning Opportunities

By Kashish

Online learning opportunities

With the introduction of lockdown in our lives since 2020, many facilities have had to adapt to online learning. Having spent the majority of the past year and a half learning online, many individuals have realised the benefits of online learning – and now it is a standard practice for many.

Online learning enables individuals to prioritise their tasks and learning amongst their lifestyle, promoting a healthy balance. Research has found that people learn better in their chosen setting, completing work at a time that is suited to them. There are proven statistics that show an increase in self motivation and better time management. Ultimately, online learning allows individuals to learn at their own place in a flexible environment.

Here at Onroad Driving Education, we are offering online courses to increase driver knowledge. It can be difficult to access driving lessons, or be able to practice driving under the current restrictions. Hence online courses provide the opportunity to expand driver knowledge from the convenience of your own home. Individuals are able to take as much or as little time as they require to complete the course depending on their schedule. Depending on the course, there are set lessons which can be completed in a flexible manner. At the completion of all lessons, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your achievement of the course.

Currently we are offering 3 online courses through our website. Completing these courses will invite safe driving techniques that will be vital for the rest of your life, and also provide education that enables you to be a responsible driver.

Online Driver safety course

Whether you have been driving for 10 weeks or 10 years, this course reinstates safe driving practices that will be valuable to add to your repertoire. The course covers important topics and case studies that put into perspective the value of safe driving habits. These skills attribute to yourself as the driver, passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

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Online suspended licence course

The course aims to provide driving advice and help refresh the road rules to assist someone who has their license suspended. There are a total of 31 lessons focusing on increasing awareness of road rules, and the ability to transition back to using the road. It is vital to understand the responsibility a driver holds for the safety of themselves and those around them, and this course helps shed light on those aspects. Please note this is not a replacement for the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program/Driver Education Course.

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online Ndis training course

If you are a driving instructor that wants to expand their current skillset, the NDIS Training Course would be the perfect option. Through this course, driving instructors can learn how to teach Specialised Driver Training to people with disabilities in a helpful and productive way. The course is designed to educate driving instructors on the common disabilities and management strategies for these scenarios. It equips driving instructors to be able to expand their clientele and teach a skill to those who may have a disability.

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