If You Want To Get Your P1 From L’S, Than Safer Drivers Course Is Icing On Cake For You...

By Ronak

Safer Drivers Course has been introduced by NSW government from July 2013 and it has been designed by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) as having goal of safe driving practice for learner drivers under 25 years old. A research shows that Learners are in much risk of crash and accident while they are on the mode of getting P1 and also shows that the learners who have more supervised driving practice has less chance of fatal crash. 

Onroad Driving school Sydney No.1  Award winning Driving school is now offering Safer Drivers Course . Onroad driving school is a leading driving school in Sydney is about excellence in technology and its business skills. Safer Drivers Course will be delivered by expert instructors who have more than 8 years of experience as driving instructor. Both module will be learned easily with help of animated videos and advanced technology. 

In Safer Drivers Course learner also receives 20 hours of logbook credit after completed this course. For attend safer driving course you must have following qualification.

  1. You must have your learners licence
  2. You have completed 50 logbook hours
  3. Your age should be under 25 years 

Why Learners should attain Safer Drivers Course??

Safer Drivers Course provides learners speed management, hazard perception skills and better conception regarding safe driving with lower risk. This course also provides awareness of safety and distance by giving situation in group activity session and also provide the lesson and strategy which helps learners to avoid risk and crash.

After completing Safe Drivers Course learner will receive 20 hours of credit in their logbook,as they need 120 supervised driving hours to get learner provisional licence.

What includes in Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course includes two modules:

Module 1: A three-hour facilitated group discussion in which provides learners to learn how to manage risks on the road and speed management technique giving case studies or others strategic games related to hazardous awareness regarding speed and distance.

Module 2:  Two hour practical session  in vehicle with an instructor  and another learner to develop low-risk driving strategies so that learners can  learn a way of practical safe driving behaviours.

Cost of the course:

The Course costs $140 and it  directly paid to the Course Provider. All Course materials will be supplied at the Course timings and the learners must have to bring learner licence and learner driver log book with them.

For more information, Please contact us on info [at] onroad.com.au

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