Why you should not be aggressive behind the wheel

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Safe Driving Tip by Onroad Driving School

How cool are you when behind the wheel? Are you an aggressive driver? It is estimated that in the United States, almost 6,800,000 crashes occur each year, of which majority are caused due to aggressive driving.Aggressive driving is a behaviour while driving. It can be speed driving, or tailgating, not following traffic rules at signals, and unnecessary or frequent lane changes. All these behaviours are unsafe and can lead to crashes or any unpleasant accidents on road. 

Statistic study shows more number of deaths and traffic crashes due to rash driving and road rage.  Driving a heavy vehicle is different from driving a car or bike. An accident involving speeding heavy vehicle can cause serious casualty and fatal results. Recently Transport of NSW is investigating an accident happened few years back at Mona Vale Intersection which involved fatality and very serious injuries to many drivers. An aggressive driver is described as someone who operates his vehicle or motor in a bold, selfish, aggressive and pushy manner, without caring for the safety of others on the street or other vehicles. 

In many developing countries the roads are narrow and crowded. With the number of vehicles on road increasing each day, there is more congestion too. Often people get irritated and frustrated with traffic blocks on a rise, costing more time commuting smaller distances. 

Driving vehicles is a part of our day-to-day activities. Whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, whichever the size, we must drive clam. Traffic rules are for safety. Study on those who break traffic rule and engage in rash driving reveals that youngsters who have just got their P’s or those who have just got a new vehicle, or who are driving under the influence of alcohol break most traffic rules.  

Today driving schools have much more to offer than mere driving class. Stressing on safe driving teaching, more driving schools emphasis on safe driving, and impart tips and classes on how to drive safe rather than how to JUST drive.  These driving schools follow both theory and practical in-vehicle session to training the learner and teach tips on safe distance, gap between two vehicles, speed management, and how to avoid hazards. 

It is important to keep check on your emotions and keep aggressive tendency under control while driving. Do not honk unnecessarily and irritate other drivers, especially when there is a traffic block. Your honking will not solve the problem or the block. Do not tailgate and stick to your lane. Keep the required gap between two vehicles. It is important to respect, cooperate, tolerate, support and value commuters and other vehicles on the road.

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