Happy Drivers and here is our proof!

By Rebecca


Onroad Driving School is rated the Top Driving School in the "best rated Driving Schools in Sydney" website and we are thrilled to share this news. If you haven’t booked with us already; We have been chosen for the top position as we have a number of RMS certified and professional instructors through out Sydney who can provide lessons in both our Manual and Automatic transmission cars,7 days a week. whether you are a new or less experienced Driver our Instructors can assist you with with any driving capabilities, as well as teach you the road rules associated, gain further confidence on the road and if need be help you prepare for your test.

We also offer attractive packages: 

We offer a 1 hour government accredited Keys 2 Drive lesson which is free of charge.( You can register on the Keys2drive.com.au website and follow the prompts before making your booking)

Our lessons are $69 an hour and our introductory online rate is discounted to $59 
$320 we offer 5 lessons ($64 dollars a lesson)
$620 we offer 10 lessons ($62 dollars a lesson and an equivalent of 30 hours in your log book)
$1180 we offer 20 lessons ($59 dollars a lesson) and if you gain 50 log book hours you can qualify for our Safer Driver Course and gain a further 20 hours in your log book if you complete both modules. 

Our Test Car Package is $195 (our Instructors will pick you up from your location one hour prior to your test and take you for a 45min practice refresher and you will check into your local RMS where the Instructor will provide you with their vehicle for the duration of the test.)

If you are interested in furthering your driving knowledge we also provide a list of advanced courses as well eg; Highway Driving, Defensive Driving, School Programs, Supervising a Learner Driver to name a few.

Lastly but more importantly we have outstanding 5 Star reviews and here is what our Happy Drivers have to say.

a month ago-
I have been using Onroad Driving since May and throughout that time it's been an easy and fun experience. Antony was my instructor throughout that period and he was extremely patient, supportive and dedicated to ensuring I felt comfortable at all times and ready only when we both felt that it was time to take the test. Antony would always try to fit me in or adjust his schedule as best he could and the price for each lesson was always affordable given I didn't have my own car to practice in. There was never any pressure to take the test but he always encouraged me. I passed my driving test and I couldn't have done it without him.
a month ago-
Fantastic service! Excellent website. Easy to make bookings and change bookings all online. I worked with three instructors leading up to my driving test. Craig S was first. Created a very relaxed atmosphere while I was getting used to controlling the car. David R helped me sharpen my skills and perfect my parking. Georges S did a quick refresher at the end focusing on road rules and parking. All three were very professional and friendly. Never had any problems. Highly recommended!
4 months ago-
I Passed at first go!! Couldn’t have done it without an amazing instructor. I’m so grateful to meet my instructor Anthony Chan. He’s unlike other instructors I’ve had before. Antony is patient, attentive and always provides feedback during and after each session.
His techniques are also precise, clear and simple to understand. I didn’t enjoy driving before meeting Antony, he positively encourages his students in each class and always willing to answer any question thoroughly. I would highly recommend Antony to anyone :)


So book with our Customer Service team today and our friendly instructors can have you well on your way.

Ph: 02 9863 3555

Happy Driving!



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