Some valuable suggestions to avoid road rage

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Typically road rage, that can be defined as aggressive and violent driving is an accident or occurrence that can be the consequence of the actions of a person driving any vehicle, be it a two or three or four wheeler. Road rage can occur in seconds and in many cases the driver hardly realises that it is occurring. This is something that has become extremely common of late and has taken many lives.

Road rage can be explained with an example like, if you happen to inadvertently cut some other vehicle on the highway, the other driver happens to get cheesed off a starts following you so closely that you either pull aside to let him pass or stop your vehicle. The point here is the angered driver does not pass; he may in fact slow down behind you. If you stop he stops behind you, and if this happens again and again it would be a good idea to the concerned authorities. It would be in your interest never to get out of your vehicle or lower the window, because this is when road rage can begin. The news often reports many instances when people are just shot dead for cutting someone off, turning or changing lanes without giving signaling, and the like.

There are many things that can be done to avoid the incidence of road rage. To begin with it would be in your interest to be a courteous and careful driver. Try not to cut any pother vehicle of, make unwanted gestures against any people, try not to change lanes or weave through traffic, overtake some other vehicle and then brake suddenly and never scream at another driver while you are driving.

In fact road rage is usually addressed by driving schools across the world so that when the learner driver during his/her driving lesson is told about what road rage is and how it can be avoided. The Parramatta Driving School in Sydney is one of the schools that take particular care to ensure that their students are specifically instructed about what road rage is and how it can be avoided. They have professional and good driving instructors, who ensure that their students are well taught.

Most driving schools in Sydney like the schools Westmead, Harris Park, Blacktown, Penrith etc have excellent trained, experienced and skilled driving instructors who teach driving starting from the very basics, giving them lessons not just on how drive well, but also to ensure good driving habits and behaviour once they are at the wheel.

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