Digital Log Book - Benefits for Learner Drivers

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Digital Log Books?

 Service NSW Roads and Maritime Service now allow the learner drivers, less than 25 years of age, to use digital log books to record their driving experience and submit their log book straight from the app, instead of paper log book.

 Are you confused about whether to use paper log book or digital log book?

 Here are the pros and cons for your consideration.

 Problems with the paper log book

There are many issues with the paper Log Books, some of which have prevented driving tests from going ahead.

  • It’s easy to make mistakes when entering the details.
  • Entries need to be entered in a certain format otherwise you risk rejection on the day of your driving test.
  • Cumbersome calculations are involved.
  • A quick check on learner progress is not possible.
  • It’s not easy to share with supervisors in building skills of the learner.
  • The book can get lost or damaged resulting in loss of experience records.
  • It’s inconvenient to carry (for instance, remembering to take it to school in readiness for an after school drive).
  • A forgotten or misplaced Log Book may result in unrecorded driving experiences.

 Benefits of the Licence Ready digital log book

Licence Ready helps you avoid mistakes.

  • It captures the data for your experience record in the format accepted by Service NSW.
  • Most data is captured automatically.
  • Offers the convenience of accessing the Log Book on computer, tablet or smart phones.
  • Required calculations are performed automatically.
  • It lets learners connect with their supervising drivers and instructors, helping to build better skills.
  • Learners, supervisors and driving instructors can review progress with simple click.
  • It doesn’t get damaged or lost. Backups are maintained.
  • You’ll never miss even a short drive. Every minute counts.
  • Licence Ready provides unparalleled telephone or email support to the users of Licence Ready digital log book.

For details of the Licence Ready digital log book go to

For more information on the digital log books offered by Service NSW and Roads and Maritime Services, go to








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