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By Ronak


We at Onroad Driving School are so happy to be able to introduce Educational Tools that you can do at your own pace.
Which is just another reason why Onroad Driving School is the number one leading Driving School for Driver Education.

Reverse Parallel Parking (signalling and observation)
The above link is a step by step visual guide to give motorists an indication of what is involved with Signalling and observation when attempting to Reverse Parallel Park - for example turning signals, checking mirrors, enabling a safe gap between the other car before reversing and checking rear mirrors and windscreens.

Reverse Parallel Parking (Vehicle Manoeuvre and Position)
This video explains the techniques with Vehicle Manoeuvre and position required to perform Reverse Parallel Parking such as slowing down to approach Vehicle 1 (1 meter apart), reversing slowly and looking into the left rear mirror, turning the wheel entirely to the left until the vehicle is 45 degrees to vehicle 1, straightening the wheel and reversing slowly until the vehicle is parallel to the kerb etc.

Return to the Kerb
This video link explains the essential steps to take when returning to the kerb by ensuring that there is a safe rear distance, blind spots and mirrors are checked, reducing speed, and the gear position is in park etc.        

Moving from the Kerb
This video is a guide for road users to view the necessary methods such as fastening your seat belt, indicating, checking your mirrors, blind spots and selecting a safe gap etc before moving off the kerb and easing back into the flow of traffic.

Overtaking Scenario
This video link explains the sensible steps to take when overtaking another vehicle; such as ensuring the stretch of road ahead is clear of vision blocks, selecting a safe gap, using the turning signal, checking your blind spot before overtaking and keeping to the speed to pass the vehicle within legal limits. 

This is just a select few of the video links we have on Youtube so please feel free to subscribe to our channel and take a look at the other visual demonstrations we have available.

Happy Driving


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