Nash - About His Experience As Being A Driving Instructor

By Ronak

I am known to my students as Nash. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I had worked in the past in different multinational companies in Marketing and Sales Operations for about ten years. After a few years I realised I was very comfortable and confident in developing people  skills at work as I was involved in various team building sessions there. I finally decided to start my journey to a new industry - driving instruction. After that gradually I started to feel that it was one of the best decisions I've made in life. 

? My focus is on the core - developing driving skills in my students. It not only includes demonstrating my students the technicality in driving but also it gives me the opportunity to adapt style, plan, execution of my training  strategy in line with their state of mind. It gives me the absolute pleasure to see my learners shaping up to be a good and safe driver ONROAD. This is the feeling that keeps giving me peace and I keep doing more with my students. 

I love to spend time with my family - my wife and 2 kids. This is another reason behind my decision of working independently in a different industry so that I can have proper time to spend with them. As a hobby - I can mention about philately - I used to collect ((long time ago) postal stamps of countries around the world. Now I'm busier and happier to see my kids growing up learning new things day by day.

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