Best time to learn driving

By Ronak
Learn to drive

Like every other skill driving too needs to be learnt and practised regularly if one wishes become a safe and confident driver. At Sydney driving school, we realise learning to drive is a significant achievement, a milestone in people’s lives. Hence, our driving lessons are suited to accommodate all kinds of learners, and give them the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to become good drivers. Starting early is the key to learn driving faster and with lesser effort. If one starts in his teens, then the chances of picking up driving increases, and by the time the person reaches adulthood he becomes a confident driver. Thus, start early, so that when your reach the right age, you can clear the driving tests and obtain a licence.

We at Sydney driving school suggest that each individual should have a licence; it is always good to have one than not. Hence plan towards that. One of the critical aspects is to learn under parental supervision or with the help of a professional trusted driver, as driving can often be a nerve wrecking experience and can be dangerous if adequate safety and care isn’t taken. So, one must drive under supervision till the time he gains confidence and your driving instructor feels you are equipped with the expertise to be on your own. It is advisable to learn when there is not much traffic on the roads. So practice in empty spaces, like open roads or parking lots, to get familiar with the various controls in the car.

Gradually one can move to roads where there are other vehicles and even traffic (which can be managed at the current level of the learner). After gaining some confidence, Sydney driving lesson makes it mandatory to learn in busy roads, step by step. Remember to pick the least congested areas and time of the day. Getting on to over crowded streets is not advised until one becomes competent enough and gains self confidence. But remember to watch out for road conditions when you learn. Avoid dusk and dawn or foggy weather when visibility is not too good. The Westmead driving instructors have always vouched for the fact that learning to drive looking at the weather condition. To sum it up, start as early as you can, under expert supervision and soon you will transform into an able driver. We wish all you aspiring drivers the very best!

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