Modified Driving and OT Assessments

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Modified Driving and OT Assessments

Onroad Driving School is an NDIS registered provider. We supply vehicle modifications and Occupational Therapy Assessments to participants with the support of Modified Driving Solutions.

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What is an ot assessment?

The purpose of this assessment is to determine how the person’s medical condition or disability is affecting their driving skills to ensure that the driver is meeting safety and RMS requirements.

Anyone with a diagnosed medical condition that may affect their driving performance is required to have an assessment. The following conditions are examples of medical diagnoses that OT driving assessors commonly assist with:


Various physical impairments or disabilities


Limb amputations


Brain injury






Cerebral palsy


Multiple sclerosis


Serious/chronic mental health conditions


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)


Intellectual disability or developmental delay

What is involved in the ot assessment?

The OT assessment is composed of 2 essential parts: The Off-Road and the On-Road Assessment - Each part has a specific focus, and the results are combined to make a judgment based on the participants driving capability.

The Off-Road Assessment

In this assessment, the OT will evaluate 3 main elements - vision, cognitive ability, and physical capacity. In the physical screen, the OT looks for any impairments or issues in these areas that may affect the driver’s performance.

The On-Road Assessment

The participant will drive accompanied by the OT assessor and Driving Instructor in our Instructor's vehicle fitted with dual control brakes; these brakes can be applied at any time. The client will drive around the local area for 1 hour, experiencing various driving conditions. The OT will then assess how the person’s condition is influencing their driving capability. Minor errors usually do not affect the assessment outcome, such as mistakes due to poor driving habits or unfamiliar with the vehicle. However, critical mistakes (which occur when the driving instructor is forced to intervene (brake suddenly) will lead to an assessment failure.

what happens after the ot driving assessment?

Following the assessment, the OT and driving instructor will inform the participant of the outcome. There are three potential results:


The person’s medical condition was not assessed to impact their driving, and the OT will recommend that they continue with their licence.


The person’s medical condition was assessed to impact their driving, and they are not driving safely and to RMS standards. The OT believes that driving lessons will not benefit the driver, and it is recommended that their licence is cancelled.


The person made some minor errors during the assessment, or the OT has some concerns about some aspects of their driving skills. In these circumstances, the OT may recommend some lessons to improve in the areas of concern, and an OT driving re-assessment may be required after lessons if the driver has been prescribed new vehicle modifications; the OT will recommend lessons with our NDIS registered instructors to learn how to use the modification safely.

The OT will send the driving report to the client, the RMS, and their referring doctor.

what vehicles and modifications do onroad provide?

The vehicles we provide to NDIS participants are modern in design, meet the recommended safety standards, and can be equipped with the following Modifications for OT assessments and Mobility Aids:


Quick-release electronic radial hand-assisted driving control - includes 5-way LIN switch


Fully Engineered left foot, right foot fold up accelerator pedal system


RF360 vehicle assessor controller, which including left/right indicators, horn hi-beam, and wipers/wash


Quick-release spin-master includes two clamps


FSK2005DI - Deutch Plug


Corded Satelite


TA003 quick release system


Spinner knob


Lodgesons full controls

Which instructors provide these vehicle modifications?

Meet The Team

Here are the instructors who can provide vehicle modifications

Abhi Jalali

Spinner Knob

Jamal Ghazi

Brake Lever & Ergonomic Accelerator Trigger + Keypad Right - Lever Only DI Satellite Accelerator Corded Left LFA - Inversion Accelerator - Quick Release Floor Mount and Spinner Knob.

Khaled ajaj

Quick release electronic radial hand-assisted driving control - includes 5-way LIN switch, complete set up for assessment vehicle.

Fully engineered left-foot right-foot, fold up accelerator pedal system.

RF360 vehicle assessor controller, including left/right indicators, horn, hi-beam, and wipers/wash, Quick-release Spinmaster - includes two clamps FSK2005DI - Deutch.

mark vinchhi

Spinner Knob

mathew philpott

 Spinner Knob

Kumar Shailendra

 Veigel eClassic Hand Control (LHD) MyCommand - Electric Spinner Knob Manual Quick Release Left Foot Accelerator mounted to the floor Simple Spinner Knob Dual Controlled Braking


 Brake Lever & Ergonomic Accelerator Trigger + Keypad Right - Lever Only DI, Satellite Accelerator Corded Left LFA - Inversion Accelerator - Quick Release Floor Mount and Spinner Knob.

In partnership with OT Assessors and the support of over 30 accredited Instructors, Onroad is committed to delivering a professional and appropriate service to our clients with additional needs.

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