A successful Safer Drivers Course Module 1 event in Mona Vale by Onroad Driving School

By Ronak
Module 1

Safer Drivers Course were organised by Onroad Driving School in Mona Vale on 18th Jan 2014. This was the first event held by Onroad Driving School as a beginning of Safer Drivers Course. The event was successfully completed under the guidance of very experienced RMS trained Facilitators.

The purpose of Safer Drivers Course is to educate young learners for safe driving on road. It contains in-class session of 3 hrs. as well as in-car session of 2 hrs. Onroad organised it’s first in-class session, which is called Module 1 of Safer Drivers Course in Mona Vale.

Onroad Driving School has already proved itself in the field of Driving School by helping students for Low Risk Driving Behaviour and getting licence first time. Now they have got accreditation for Safer Drivers Course, provided by RMS, NSW. In the first in-class session they have taught nine students. Another Course will be on 25th January at Sylvania and it’s currently booked out event so there is a lot of demand of this course in young drivers. More safer drivers course details are available here.

Students can discuss their doubts with the trainers in-class session of this course. Students enthusiastically participated in the discussion with the facilitator. In safer drivers course the facilitators and coaches are highly experienced driving instructors, accredited by RMS to help learner drivers in solving their queries about safe driving, low risk driving, safe distance driving, crash avoidance space, hazard perception etc.

“The module 1 in-class session of Safer Drivers Course was very informative and helpful. The safe driving techniques will be helpful throughout my life. Hope the module 2 is as informative also. Thanks Onroad Driving School.” Said by one of a student in safer drivers course at Mona Vale.

“We were very excited about the first Safer Drivers Course and curriculum set by RMS. This course is $140 and offers 20 hrs credit in Logbook. Safer Drivers Course is all about your attitude, safe driving practices and how you can make your community and yourself safe on road. A huge thanks to all students, trainers and RMS for such a wonderful curriculum”. Said by Ronak Shah, Founder of Onroad Driving School.

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