Why driving is a skill that must be practised?

By Ronak
Learn to drive

Focused driving is a skill that needs to be learnt to become an expert in driving. Anybody can become a driver but it takes a lot of effort to be a good, skilled driver. Driving is a huge responsibility that must be learned and practised through experience. The safety of co-passengers is in the driver’s hand and a single mistake can things difficult.

A good driver should be aware of the following:

Space conscious

It is just a simple way to be sure that you are driving safe giving enough space for your vehicle and other vehicles. By being space conscious, you can avoid a lot of risks caused by a sudden skid or sudden application of brakes. Remember 3 seconds rule !!!

Road rage

Skilled drivers should avoid road rage. It is an aggressive way of driving. Road rage includes angry behavior with other vehicle drivers, verbal insults and making threats. This happens when you are over speed, hit another vehicle on road, or do not give enough space to other vehicles to move on. Road rage is not a skilled driver’s attitude.

Rash drive

Rash drive is something related to over speed and over taking the vehicle from a wrong direction. And any driver should not practice this.

Skilled drivers should be aware of all the dangerous activities that could possibly occur on a road. Some of the safe driving skills that every driver should possess include:

  • Adhere to traffic rules
  • Always follow safe speed limits
  • Signal before you take a turn or change lanes
  • Turn headlights on when you drive in bad weather
  • Maintain your Crash Avoidance Space
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Big No to Drink Driving

Fuel cost is another aspect a skilled driver should think about. You need to calculate how much fuel is required to cover up a particular distance and should drive accordingly. Skilled drivers always strive to reduce operating or fuel costs by doing things that increases fuel efficiency. Type of vehicle used, mileage, number of passengers on board and traffic and weather conditions are some of the factors that affect fuel efficiency. 

Skilled drivers are hired everywhere like in hospitals to operate ambulance, fire force, black cat security service and so on. Obviously, the drivers should have the knowledge to tackle all the situations they face on road. They should be always prepared for a sudden road accident and handle other emergency situations. 

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