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By Ronak
Young drivers

Driving schools and parents together have a role to play in the driving lessons of a teenager. Getting a licence at this young age is a milestone. There are driving schools in Sydney which specialize in coaching teens for performing well in driving test. The first hurdle that a teenager must pass is that they should learn how to start the vehicle and to shift transmission. This is easily taught by a driving instructor. But the real coaching is all about the subtle matters which happen while driving. Westmead driving school for teenagers cover a wide variety of topics which are not provided by other driving schools.

This starts with basic tips like the distance to be maintained from the car in front of you (3 Seconds Rule), how to brake effectively within the available distance, what all things are to be done if an accident occurs etc. These are the basic things which are taught by a driving instructor. It is the duty of the parents to make sure that their teenager is following the rules of driving while using their car. There are parts of the vehicle which are to be adjusted before the ride starts. This include things like the mirror adjustment, right way of tightening the seat belt, proper parking techniques, and the right use of signals.

Teens are likely to get angry and are easily intimidated by other drivers in the road and they may behave recklessly. The first thing to be taught to a teen driver is to keep their calm while driving. Do not view driving as a race, but give more care for getting to the destination safely. They are to understand that driving is a big responsibility and if they are not performing their role rightly it may cause danger to themselves and for others on the road. These instructions are a part of the Sutherland driving lesson that is specially designed for teen drivers.

These temperament tips are most important during the time just after achieving the licence. It is during this time they feel overconfident in achieving the licence and try to do things which are dangerous. If you are a resident of Pennant Hills there is easy access to Sydney driving school where your teen can have lessons on driving. Teenage is the best time to learn driving as it is very easy for them to horn a skill than a grown up person. Therefore it is necessary to instill safe driving tips at an early age for becoming better drivers in future.

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