Let's Go Digital!

By Ronak

Let's go digital.

Safe, Easy, and Convenient Digital Drivers Licencing

Have you ever noticed what items you pick up when you leave your home in the morning? You generally grab your car keys, wallet or handbag, coat, cup of coffee or tea, smartphone, and driving licence.

But the question is, what if you leave a few of the items behind? Or is there any item that is replaceable by any means? Technology has given us many things, and now you can leave your original card licence behind to carry the Digital driver's licence everywhere you travel.

The digital driver's licence is safe, easy, and convenient to use anywhere. It is a new form of identification you can use.

Get Your Digital Driver Licence

If you are still concerned about the security and the validity of the Digital licence, then read along to understand that this new technology is widely used by many people in Australia. If you also want digital driver's licence information or need a driving lesson, go to onroad.com.au. We are the leading experts in driver education and offer valuable information for all our learners.

Read along to learn more about this outstanding technology and how it will benefit you in the upcoming years.


What is a digital driver's licence?

A digital driver's licence is a new and secure version of your paper physical driver's licence. The digital license is fantastic as it is available on your smartphone, and you can use it at your convenience.

If you are wondering how this is possible, you must know about smart cards, digital plane tickets, digital hotel keys, and digital wallets. If these systems work through your smartphones and tablets, why not have a digital licence embedded in your smartphone.

Benefits of a digital driver's licence:

The digital driver's licence has numerous benefits. Electronic identity credentials have been a hot topic among people, so we have compiled a few advantages above.

  1. The first benefit of having a digital licence is that you can carry it anywhere without fearing misplacing it. There is a chance that your traditional plastic driver's licence could be stolen or forgotten somewhere.
  2. The second benefit is that even if someone has stolen your smartphone, your digital driver's licence is safe along with the other credentials. This is because you are able to lock your smartphone with the biometrics or facial recognition features.
  3. With the smartphone notification system, there is an option to show the necessary information related to the driver's licence. You don't have to display all your details.
  4. Another benefit of having a digital licence is that you can update the licence information quickly. Whether it is the change of address or updating the picture, the digital service will give faster results.
  5. The cost of replacing a lost or torn plastic driver's licence can be stressful, including multiple trips to the concerned department. Updating all information will save both time and money.
  6. Moreover, you can track your smartphone if lost, but not a plastic driver's licence.
  7. You can use the digital driver's licence at hotels, restaurants, bars, airports, and all law enforcement agencies.

Is a digital driver's licence safe?

When a bartender checks your digital licence to serve you a drink, all he needs to know is to verify the age to act. The bartender doesn't need your home address and other information. According to the security experts, a digital licence should work similarly.

While a digital driver's licence is your licence to freedom, many threats pose a serious threat to your credentials.

  • The first great danger is if you lose your phone or someone steals it. The other person can access your digital wallets and information, including the driver's licence, which could lead to identification theft.
  • Stepping into the digital world has another risk of hackers lurking around every corner. Cybercriminals can potentially easily access your data and use the same for criminal purposes.
  • Your smartphone might go through some technical issues when showing the digital driver's licence to any law enforcement officer. 

These are the initial issues you can face in the form of safety and security, but your driving instructor can help you with tips on how to use your digital licence safely and correctly. Visit onroad.com.au to book a lesson. We have excellent instructors who will teach and guide you till you become a pro.

How does a digital driver's licence work?

If you have never used a digital driver's licence before, this is a valid question that must come to your mind, even before applying or storing the information.

Using a digital driver's licence is easy. First, you must go to the digital wallet where you store the digital licence. When you pull up the electronic ID, you will see a scannable QR code that you can show to the concerned person. The other person will scan the code, and the credentials will automatically appear on the other device.

Now the good news is that you can use the technology to show the minimum features of the licence. You can reveal the restricted version to show your face, age and name.

Does digital licence affect road rules?

You must adhere to specific rules to avoid demerits, which are as follows.

  1. You can only open your smartphone to show your digital driver's licence if a police officer asks you to do so. It is illegal to touch a smartphone with your hand while driving.
  2. If the officer catches you using the smartphone illegally while driving, you get five demerits on your licence.
  3. You can phone remotely to answer a call, use GPS or play songs.
  4. It would be best to fix your phone in a mount, making sure not to obstruct your view.
  5. If you have to text or answer a call, park your vehicle.


To sum up:

Travelling hassle free is everyone's dream. Now you can use the latest technology in the form of a digital driver's licence and seamlessly present it everywhere. The process is relatively easy now with the QR code system, and it's just a matter of seconds before you can show the information.

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Moreover, we are also looking to have electric vehicles available in the future so our clients can learn with new technology. 

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Happy driving!


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