Is eating behind the wheel is worse than drink driving?

By Ronak
Driving Safety

The present age is so busy that people tend to skip daily activates like eating breakfast, reading newspaper, and other daily rituals. At times, they try to do this when they are behind the wheels. There are many things like eating a meal, texting on phone, scanning newspaper headlines, applying makeup while driving. Studies show that this type of behaviour is more dangerous than drink driving sometimes.

Unwanted activities like this will lead to distraction which can cause accidents at busy hours on the road. Recently in Canada, a man was fined $500 for eating a burger while he was driving on the road. When eating people tend not to use their palm for driving, instead they use their knees to control the steering. This situation poses more threat than drinking mildly while driving. Studies show that in New South Wales, more accidents are happening due to eating, using a Smartphone while driving and applying make ups.

Incidents like this can be avoided if people from suburbs like Parramatta, Blacktown, Penrith, Ryde, Strathfield, Ashfield, Westmead, Harris Park and many other Sydney suburbs are willing to take proper driving lesson from a driving instructor. This poses a great threat to themselves and those who are walking on the road. Many of them don’t understand the destructive capabilities of their own vehicles. To understand this, a learner driver should take driving lessons form a reputed Sydney driving school and learn about safe driving. There are many driving school which offers defensive driving and corporate training programs, visit at for further details.

It is relatively easy to find a driving instructor in Australia. The easiest way to find a driving school is to browse on the internet. You can also locate driving schools by talking with your friends and relatives. Selecting the right Parramatta driving school may be a tedious job but it is necessary so that you can enjoy a good driving experience. They will give you proper instructions on how to drive different kinds of vehicles on road. Onroad driving school training will equip you to distinguish between various kinds of roads.

So, with a proper drivers training from a reputed driving school in New South Wales, you will know the hazards of eating while driving. In most cases people were not aware of the consequences of these habits as their driving instructor never told them or mentioned about it during the driving classes. So next time when you drive, do remember that it is okay to skip a meal but it is not advisable to do your daily activities while driving!

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