Avoid Aggressive Behavior Behind The Wheels

By Ronak

Want to reach your destination fast? Well, we all do. But aggressive drivingcertainly isn’t the way. Little wonder that one of the first lessons one learns in a driving school is safe driving and avoid ‘aggressive driving’. But unfortunately safe driving is not practiced in Sydney! Lets looks at some statistics now. EOS Gallup conducted a global study among 23 countries, 673 driving-licence holders on behalf of Responsible Young Drivers Foundation 13. The study revealed that drivers sometimes irritate them, which is indicative of the fact that aggressive behaviour while driving is a global issue and needs to be dealt with at a global level. Culture is often seen to be a key factor in this kind of behaviour. The perception of aggressive driving behaviour is different in different countries. A huge 77% of respondents in Australia have been subject to aggressive behaviour in contrast to a mere 9% in Japan. Let us look at the common causes of aggressive driving which a driving school would point out to a learner:

  • Traffic jams that make it difficult to drive and move ahead
  • Current emotional state, stress
  • Bad state of roads
  • Lack of patience

Having said that, the fact is, nothing really is an excuse for aggressive driving. Rules and regulations always need to be followed. It is important to bear in mind that minimum age for obtaining Sydney Learner’s Permit license is 16. An individual is expected to obtain a NSW Learner’s License before he can drive. A person in Australia can learn to drive under the guidance of a professional driving instructor or with another accompanying licensed driver. However there are certain tips, a useful driving lesson, for staying safe amidst all the chaos that happens on the road:

  • Control your anger. Anger makes you feel worse than what you are already feeling.
  • Avoid driving when you are emotional or distracted. It is very likely to negatively impact your driving and behaviour with other people.

Aggressive drivingis constantly on the rise. The awareness of the negative consequences of it should be increased and people should be made to realize that if they don’t become careful, results could be disastrous, fatal too. According to the son of the world champion racing driver Sir Jack Brabhamand a driver-training expert, Geoff Brabham, Sydney drivers need to relearn the road rules and relax when they are driving, and until that happened there would be little change.

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