Drive safely in heavy traffic

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Driving a car in highway is all about making a series of calculations in our mind concerning safety. This can be made simple by taking the best lessons in Sydney on driving. Driving in heavy traffic is much different than doing it under normal conditions. While stuck in traffic, most of the drivers lose their temperament and tries to reach the destination faster than others. There are certain things to be remembered to keep yourself and others safe in a heavy traffic conditions. The first thing to remember is to avoid rushing to the destination. Those drivers who rush to their destination are the ones who cause more accidents on the road. Always start early to your destination.

We choose to ride on highways so as to make our journey shorter than the common route. But heave traffic can turn this short journey into a nightmare. This is a common sight as the number of people taking the roads has increased during the last few years in Australia. But it is the inconsiderate behavior of certain drivers which make the congestion to become heavier than it actually needs to be. This is because in heavy traffic situations people tends to cut to another lane which is running smoothly to get to their destination faster. A good driving instructor will tell you that this maneuver is more dangerous and useless than staying on your own lane and waiting for the traffic to clear up.

When you are cutting to a new lane in a traffic situation, the driver coming in the other lane is forced to go slow or have to do an emergency braking so as to accommodate you into the lane. This in turn slows down the whole lane and adds to the overall crawling of the whole highway. It is always better to stay in your lane and wait for the traffic to clear than making quick lane changes which surely will make others enraged. These things are taught only through in the best driving lesson. This also will add to the increase of traffic in the whole highway.

Keep an eye on the speed of the driver on the lane you are attempting to enter. Avoid entry in such situations which requires the other driver to hit brakes. Make sure that you have given proper signals before entering into a new lane and remember 3 seconds rule (1001, 1002, 1003). Also keep an eye on the signals on the vehicles in the lanes near to you. There may be other vehicles which are looking to merge into your lane and you may be caught off guard if proper care is not given into it. Strathfield driving school lessons teaches you to ride safely in difficult situations. Understanding that traffic is not going to alleviate by just trying to make quick maneuvers is the first thing that is to be kept in your mind while driving in heavy traffic.

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