It’s all about night driving

By Ronak
Driving Conditions

Night driving has always remained a big question among the learners, aged people and many people with many issues. Why people are so much afraid of night driving or why night driving is always a matter of discussion? Let us discuss the reasons and details.

The risk factor of night dress 

The biggest factor of making night driving risky is the lesser visibility. It is difficult to visually differentiate few things during the night. Even it makes it difficult to predict situations at night hours. Speed and translucent visibility together create a mishap. 

Basics of night driving

  • You need to check all the lights are working
  • If driving an unfamiliar car, take some time to get familiar with the car
  • You should have a clear map of the route, you are going to take at night
  • Your head lights should be set at low beam setting
  • If some other vehicle is dazzling your vision, slow down your car and take a left lane
  • Reflectors are set on the roads for your help, especially in country areas

Discussing some risk factors

  • Never ever drink and drive at night. 
  • Fatigue is the reason of many accidents, so if you are tired avoid driving. If you are driving at a time generally, you fall asleep, then never overestimate yourself. 
  • Never drive to impress anyone. Driving is just a means for reaching from one place to another and no matter of showing off or thrill. So try to enjoy yourself in a different way. 
  • Good mood and good people are always good, but attentively driving is the best practice when you are behind the wheel.

Some of the necessary points to keep in mind

  • Be exclusively attentive if the road is wet.
  • The glares on the road can actually drag your attention, so always remember that the steering wheel is in your hand. 
  • It is scientifically proven that night driving can be difficult, so if you are not comfortable with it, don’t challenge yourself.
  • Driving faster at night is a very cautious situation as it is proved that eyes may also trick us at night
  • As per the scientific study, our eyes have night vision cells. These cells take our regular day light receptor cells at night hours. These cells identify things in rather slow motion. So the vision at night can be deceptive, especially in terms of speed. 
  • A driver has to think about many aspects while driving. Speedo meter specifications and driver’s observations are worthless if your judgment at the night hours is not perfect. Avoiding speed is the best practice to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • If you are bound to drive at high speed, then take care of timings and keep your body fit to drive. Never overestimate yourself.
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