Driving in adverse weather conditions (thunderstorm, wind or fog)

Written by Ronak Shah

Driving in adverse weather conditions can be difficult and potentially lead to an accident. The Bureau of Meteorology issues a ‘Severe Thunderstorm Warning’ that identifies the Sydney areas most impacted. Thunderstorms bring high amounts of rainfall and large hailstones. Whether you are driving to work, dropping the kids off to school or running an errand try to remain calm and drive with extra caution. 

Onroad Driving School Sydney wants to ensure that all drivers are safe during these harsh conditions and have come up with the following tips to guide you on how to approach driving in this weather.

  1. Be focused on the road. You don’t drive in these conditions everyday, so you need to be extra alert to respond to what you encounter while driving. This includes eliminating distractions such as your mobile phone and radio.
  1. Hold the wheel firmly. You need two hands on the wheel to have better control of the car. Follow all tips what you have learned when having a driving lesson before passing your driving test.
  1. Lower your speed. Slowing down will give you more time to respond to a situation and reduce the impact of an accident. 
  1. Put your headlights on. This will help you see that bit better on the road and other vehicles around you. Your lights will also help you identify better the lanes, as the road can appear darker with the overcast weather.
  1. Allow more space to the car in front of you. If you encounter sudden breaking this will avoid an accident or running into the back of them. Remember 3 seconds crash avoidance space and double your distance in adverse conditions. Your driving instructor might have explained before your P’s driving test.
  1. Remain calm. If you do not feel comfortable continuing to drive and it is safe - pull over to the side. It is better to go with your instinct and stop for a few minutes, then potentially getting into an accident.

These are a few tips to help you and your loved ones stay in control when driving in adverse weather conditions. Please take your time on the road, as being safe is the number one priority. 

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