Go from A to Z with Onroad Driving School and Academy of Road Safety

By Ronak
Onroad Driving School

At Onroad Driving School and Academy of Road Safety, we can make you a more confident and safer driver whether you have been driving for 50+ years or have never been behind the wheel!  Onroad Driving School, Sydney’s No. 1 Award Winning Driving School, is the driving school of choice for over 2000 learner drivers every year. With over 20 driving instructors covering all of Sydney’s suburbs, Onroad can provide regular automatic and manual lessons along with a free one hour driving lesson funded by the federal government. Onroad is also an accredited RMS provider of the Safer Drivers Course, which gives learner drivers an additional 20 hours in their logbooks while also becoming safer drivers and preparing for the highest risk period of driving. Onroad has delivered the Safer Drivers Course to over 500 students at a number of locations across Sydney including some of Sydney’s most prestigious schools including The King’s School, Abbotsleigh and Knox Grammar.

When learning to drive, learner drivers are missing out on the more important skills needed to keep themselves safe on the road and provisional drivers are the highest risk drivers on our roads. Majority of drivers also receive no further training once gaining their licence and are unaware of what to do if something were to go wrong behind the wheel. The Academy of Road Safety’s mission is to fill this gap and provide drivers of all ages and experience levels with the vital skills needed to remain safe on the road. The Driver Safety Program is held at Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith and has been created to pass these skills onto the average driver and through a combination of theory and practical exercises; drivers will learn how to lower their chance of being involved in an accident in the first place along with what to do in an emergency situation behind the wheel. The Academy of Road Safety also provides Work Health and Safety (WHS) training to businesses to ensure their staff remains safe out on the road and compliance with WHS requirements to reduce liability in the event of an accident.

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