Pedestrian safety related improvements across NSW

By Ronak
Pedestrian safety

You have probably noticed now that triangular road markings or “Dragon Teeth” are currently being installed across NSW. It is used in many countries and proved to be cost effective and very high awareness of children’s safety. Dragon Teeth is an additional awareness along with the existing signs, flashing lights and painted ‘40’ pavement markings on the road.

It applies in school zones during school days from 8am-9.30am and 2.30pm-4pm. This project is expected to finish by end of the year. Real time traffic information for motorist website has been launched by the RTA and it is a good source of live traffic information. You can plan your journey and change your route without getting stuck in Sydney’s busy roads. It has got 66 CCTV cameras that you can access and plan your travel trip. Great thing about this site is its mobile friendly so you can browse easily and get the results at your finger tips. Please visit RTA website directly at Pedestrian’s safety is one of the hot topic in last few months as there are many fatality happening on regular basis which could be avoided by just using simple common sense.

Please look at your right first when you are about to cross road because in Australia, we drive on left. Driver must give way to pedestrian if it involves collision or an accident. At the same time, pedestrian needs to make sure that it’s safe to cross the road with - no vehicles coming from either side and also ensure that they cross from marked pedestrian crossings only. It may also mean that Driving Tests in Sydney may have more weight-age given to Pedestrian Safety. People who are looking to get driving licence in Sydney should be aware of newly installed “Dragon Teeth”. If your child is getting ready to drive or if you need a complete knowledge of driving on road, arrange for driving lessons from good Driving instructors or Learn with someone who knows road rules. To get the latest gossip on Road Rules and Regulations, please join our Facebook group or join Twitter.

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