Special Needs Driver Training (NDIS)

Onroad Driving School is a Registered NDIS provider and we offer extensive driver training for clients with NDIS funding. Our instructors have undergone specific training under Rehab On Road to offer a professional and appropriate service to our clients with additional needs. This provides a great sense of independence and freedom for NDIS clients. We have helped hundreds of NDIS clients achieve their dreams through our Specialised Driving Program and look forward to helping many more.

Why book with us?

We believe in not only quality education but also building relationships with our clients and truly understanding each one's own personal journey and struggles. All of our instructors have undergone intensive NDIS training through Rehab On Road and are fully qualified and certified NDIS trainers. 


  • We are a registered provider for NDIS
  • We offer modified vehicles 
  • We offer automatic and manual driving lessons all throughout Sydney. 
  • We have 30+ instructors ready to go 7 days a week 
  • Male or Female instructors.  
  • All instructors follow a structured lesson plan. 

Onroad Driving School is now able to offer modified vehicles to NDIS clients. As shown, we offer vehicles fitted with steering knobs and left-foot accelerators as part of the Specialised Driver Training. This is an incredible opportunity for NDIS clients to be able to get their driving licence.

Current services offered:


  • Steering knob: With the steering wheel knob fitted correctly and securely, the driver will be able to turn the steering wheel through a full 360 degrees without having to take their hand away. This makes driving, parking and general manoeuvring in your vehicle become effortless, and safer. 
  • Left-Foot Accelerator: If function in the right leg is poor but you don’t want to use hand controls, so long as function in your left leg is good you could consider using your left foot to accelerate and brake as an alternative. The position of the left foot accelerator is where the clutch would be in a manual car.
  • Modified vehicles: Some of our vehicles are completely modified and easy to use for clients with paralysis or other limitations.
  • Experienced instructors: Most of our NDIS instructors have experience in working with clients with Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Missing Limbs, Hearing Impairments, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Anxiety & Panic Attacks Disorder.
  • In car driving lessons.

Common disabilities for Specialised Driver Training (including but not limited to):

Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Missing Limbs, Hearing Impairments, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Anxiety & Panic Attacks Disorder.

Enquire about Special Needs Driver Training

Contact us for any Learner’s licence, Hazard Perception Test or driving lessons inquiries.

We are Australia’s Leading Experts in Driver Education and we are committed to making your experience as smooth and easy as possible. Our NDIS Provider number is : 4050014118.

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