Top Five Steps To Pass Your Learner'S Test In Sydney

By Ronak

Is it not wonderful to be able to drive a car on your own in Sydney? The answer is ‘Yes’ for most of us. But to be able to drive in Sydney, it is essential to pass the Learner’s test and get a driving licence. If your goal is to pass driving testyou need to plan ahead.

Here is what I would suggest

1) Don't wait until it is too late.

2) Know the road rules.

3) Know the ‘Give Way’ rules.

4) Know about RTA Learners Test.

5) What you should do after you pass your Learner's Test.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE: It takes time and effort to learn to be good at driving. Get started early. The minimum age for a Learner Driver’s permit is different in each state. It is 16 years in New South Wales.

KNOW YOUR ROAD RULES: The Learner’s Test is based on the multiple choice questions including diagrams and captions that are very easy to learn and remember. It is recommended that you know all the choices well to pick the right one. Mind you, it is essential to get all the questions correct to pass the Learner’s Test. You need to have the upgraded book containing the latest information as the RTA Rules are constantly changing. Once you are through with the information, you can test your knowledge by giving the Online RTA Learner’s Test.

The Road Rules Book is available for AUD $10.

KNOW THE ‘GIVE WAY’ RULES: While driving on the road, you will need to make instant ‘Give Way’ decisions all the time. Learn about ‘who should be given priority?’, ‘Who should wait?’ ‘Who has the right of way?. Understand them well. Practice them. The online RTA Learner’s Test can help you being sure of all these rules. Being well aware of the Road Rules will make learning to drive much easier and safer. Remember, most accidents happen when you are driving over speed limit, changing lanes or at cross-roads not following rules.

KNOW ABOUT RTA LEARNERS TEST: Learner licence in Sydney is valid for five years. Once you obtain your Licence, you will be issued a Log Book. You and your supervising driver(s) should record atleast 120 hours of supervised driving and it should include a minimum 20 hours of Night driving (between sunset and sunrise). This is essential before you attempt the Driving Test. Since 19 December 2009, Learner Drivers of 25 years and over are not required to complete the Learner Driver’s Log Book.

AFTER YOU PASS YOUR LEARNERS TEST: After having passed the Learner’s Test and obtaining the Learner’s permit, you have to learn to drive On the Road. You have to ensure that you apply all your knowledge and rules while driving and ensure that you take care of everyone’s safety while driving!!! Remember, it takes a lot of hard work and diligence to become a good driver. This site will provide a lot of information and answers for the ‘Who’, ‘When’ and ‘How’ to the Learner drivers, their families and friends. Who are the best people to teach you to drive? When is the best time to start lessons? How to choose a Driving Instructor? Of course if you need to check on anything or want help in learning Driving, give us a call. For any further information contact us .

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