Driving safely this Christmas holiday!

By Joanna
Onroad Driving School

As we approach the holiday season, the last thing you would want is to get a fine or be involved in an accident. At Onroad, we are passionate about Road Safety and have put together some things to be mindful of this Christmas season when on the road.

Everyone is looking forward to having a significant amount of time off this summer. We should keep in mind that the police work full time over the holiday period. While some may not be pleased to hear that, it’s actually for everyone’s benefit in the long run.

With rest areas located all over NSW, stopping and having a break is not difficult to do. We recommend that you have a break every few hours, as fatigue is a major cause for accidents during this time of the year. With the weather reaching high temperatures don’t forget to pack enough water for everyone in the vehicle to stay hydrated. For more road safety tips visit Onroad Driving Education Articles and Safety Tips.

With an increased amount of law enforcement officers on the road, if you have considered driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs there is a greater chance you will get caught. We strongly recommend not operating any type of vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs as heavy penalties apply and you are a danger to other road users. Find more at Driver information NSW to familiarise yourself with rules and regulations.

Mobile phones are probably how you will access your GPS to get around. Make sure your phone is safely mounted and only touch it when your vehicle is parked. If you are on your L’s or P’s you cannot use your phone at all. Double demerits for using your phone mean that you’d lose ten points off your license! For Learner and Red P-platers, this will mean you lose your licence immediately – don’t risk it! Keep an eye out for other drivers who may be distracted or driving recklessly.

With more cars on the road, one can expect traffic to more congested than usual. Plan your trips in advance so you don’t need to rush, as most people will be trying to get to their destination on time.  

Make sure your car has been serviced and is safe to drive, especially if you are planning on going on a road trip or long drive. Check your tyre’s tread and pressure, lights, brakes, and engine oil. Driving in the heat means you will be using the AC more, so make sure your car's coolant is topped up.

We wish you a fantastic holiday with your loved ones and remember to stay safe and take into account all of the above!

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Happy Holidays!

- Team Onroad :) 

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