Driving lessons for aged drivers by Onroad Driving School Sydney

By Ronak

While young drivers are over represented in road accidents, at the other end of the scale, aged drivers are unfortunately also over represented. The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have rules in place to ensure aged drivers are up to the task of safely driving a motor vehicle. Will Massey from Onroad Driving School recently joined Stuart Bocking on 2UE to discuss the topic.

“The most important role of the RMS is to ensure all drivers are as safe as possible out on the road. They have various rules in place to ensure the safety of aged drivers on our roads as unfortunately driving skills can deteriorate with age. Drivers over 75 are required to complete a yearly medical to ensure they are fit to drive. Drivers over 85 are required to complete a driving test in order to keep their unrestricted licence or they have the option to move to a modified licence. As with the general population, a drivers’ licence is very important in aged peoples’ lives, however the task of completing a driving test can be quite daunting. Onroad Driving School provides training to aged drivers to ensure they remain confident behind the wheel and have the necessary skills to pass the driving test. Not only can we provide instruction to aged drivers, We are also able to take them for their driving test and assess them competent.” explains Will Massey.

The RMS has also been operating a new initiative for over 12 months now that has been created to reduce the high crash rate for young drivers. The Safer Drivers Course is a great program for learner drivers that features both theoretical and practical components and credits participants with 20 hours in their logbooks.

Kyle Austin, who delivers the Safer Drivers Course with Onroad Driving School, had this to say “The Safer Drivers Course is a must for all learner drivers. Not only is it a very easy and cost effective way to gain more hours, it will dramatically reduce your risk of having an accident once you gain your licence. If you’re a learner driver, it’s really a no trainer to complete the Safer Drivers Course.”

For more information on either topic you can visit www.onroad.com.au or contact Onroad Driving School on (02) 9863 3555.

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