Onroad Driving School makes it to the finals of Australian Small Business Championship Awards, 2012

By Ronak

Onroad Driving School, Westmead, the most popular driving school in Sydney, Australia, have been selected as finalists in the Services Category of Australian Small Business Championship Awards, 2012.

Onroad Driving School has nine years of remarkably well-proven experience and impressive track record in Australia. It is reputed to be the best driving school in Sydney. Onroad specialises in teaching safe driving through its structured driving lessons. The comprehensive driving lessons involving theory as well as practice are given by driving instructors accredited by the RTA. Onroad is committed to developing drivers who drive well and safe.

In addition to its expertise in delivering flawless training in safe driving, Onroad Driving School rightly boasts of training packages which are economical and deliver value for money. Its analysis reports which deal with as many as 20 different areas of driving skills identify the areas which need focus in respect of each learner being trained by the School and are unique to Onroad's training programs. Onroad is also famous for its guarantee that any trainee from the School would get a driving license right on the first go; in the rare and unlikely instance of failure, Onroad promise further free lessons.

Onroad has a competent, dedicated team of RTA-accredited instructor who make learning an unforgettable pleasure for their trainees.

Onroad Driving School is also committed to developing and recognising entrepreneurial talent in Australia. Onroad Driving School is a distinguished member and sponsorer of Australia Startups. Australia Startups is well-known for creating a networking platform for Australian entrepreneurs.

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