Shabi Shrestha

Shabi Shrestha

Hi, I'm Shabi and in my previous career, I was a Head Chef for 12 years. I have strong family values, with my wife and a young daughter being my strength and pride. I enjoy time with them as much I can, reading story books to my daughter and playing on the PlayStation with my wife (any excuse for a battle!). I enjoy good conversations, I am friendly and a bit of a joker. Most people would describe me as always smiling and always positive about life.
Honesty defines me. My friends and family believe that I'm reliable, hardworking and a kind hearted person. My family are both my strength and my weakness. I have had different careers in my life but teaching has become my passion. I have gained a lot for myself by sharing knowledge. I'm confident on what I do and I commit myself with my whole heart. I like to teach people and believe in sharing knowledge and I think knowledge grows once it is shared.
My aim as a driving instructor is to train smart learners on the road. My goal is to provide my students with all the information necessary to help them understand the different dangers on the road and provide them with the steps they can take to be safe. Hesitation and poor decision making are the main reason behind road accidents.  

4 years


  • Certificate IV in Driving Instruction
  • RMS Licenced Driving Instructor
  • Member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (NSW)

Other languages:

  • Nepalese
  • Hindi





2018 Mazda 2




Suburbs Covered

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