Opportunity is Key

Is affordability stopping you from learning to drive?

We at Onroad Driving School believe that everybody deserves an opportunity to learn, which is why we give you access to a Government Accredited free driving lesson through Keys2Drive.

We are amongst the few to offer the Keys2Drive Free Driving Lesson to learner license holders (overseas license holders are not eligible), which brings the learner and their parent/supervisor together with a Keys2Drive accredited professional driving instructor.

The Keys2Drive free lesson aims to change the way learners drive, by changing the way they learn and helping them 'find their own way' to becoming a safer driver. The aim of this approach is to help P-platers achieve the six month - zero harm target; in other words, drive for six months without hurting themselves or others. It's a goal designed to build the skills necessary to drive safely for life.

Have you thought about Safer Drivers Course where you get an additional 20 hrs of logbook credit ?

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