Mayuri Shinde

Hi, I'm Mayuri - an experienced and officially certified Driving Instructor. I am an excellent driver with a great safety record, encylopedic knowledge of traffic rules and a friendly and courteous professional, who excels at establishing rapport with diverse people from many different walks of life.

I believe that every journey starts with some motivation and passion and I have started my journey to train learners through driving lessons. I am a professional RMS Accredited car trainer in Liverpool and nearby areas.

I aim at making you a responsible driver who can drive on the road safely with confidence and pleasure. My main focus is to help learners to gain the ability and the attitude needed to drive safely, while being friendly and communicating effectively. My goal is to also prepare students to pass the driving test at their first attempt and to train each individual according to their comfort and temperament. My way of teaching is admired by each of my clients because it includes tips and tricks which help them drive with ease. 


1 year 


  • Certificate IV in Driving Instruction
  • RMS Licenced Driving Instructor

Other languages:

  • Hindi
  • Marathi





5-star ANCAP Rated Toyota Yaris 


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