Khaled Ajaj

Hi, I'm Khaled and I am very passionate about driving, and making sure people understand the dos and don'ts of driving. I am a very experienced driver with nearly 30 years covered. I have very good communication skills to convey to the learners in an easy and practical way. I am patient and I have over 25 years experience in running my own business. I'd love to show you the difference between just passing a test and being a safe driver.


5 years


  • RMS Licenced Driving Instructor
  • Cert IV in Driving Instructor
  • Accredited and Trained by Rehab On Road for Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation in the following areas: 

Physical, vision and cognitive defects and implications for driving, mental illness, anxiety and ageing and implications for driving; vehicle modifications for disabilities; on-road assessment, teaching methods and remediation for specific modifications, disabilities and medical conditions; vehicle ergonomics, licensing policies and procedures; medico-legal and ethical issues. 

Other languages:

  • Arabic




Toyota Yaris

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