Hi, my name is Jubaidur. I'm one of the instructors here at Onroad Driving School. I have many years experience in driving and want to use this knowledge to teach and educate learner drivers in a very professional and skilled way. I'm very calm and patient with instructing learner drivers who want to educate themselves in driving comfortably and safely on the road. I look forward to helping you to become a safe and competent driver. 


I have many years safe driving experience on roads all over Sydney.



I understand and speak Bengali and Hindi.  


My service is in Automatic transmission only. 


Toyota Corolla Sedan. 

5 Star Rating


I'm taking driving lessons with instructor Jay. He is very nice and patient with me. He explains to me everything step by step in order to remember everything and become a good driver. He lets me to try do some actions in parking on my own to see where I went wrong which is really helpful, when I make a mistake while driving, he asks me "what did you do wrong" in order for me to know where I went wrong and what I need to work on, and he tells me to repeat the action as many times as I need, to make sure I learn. I feel safe and confident while driving with him.

Marimar Al Kaed

Suburbs Covered

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