We are confident in the expertise of our instructors and their ability to teach you and prepare you for your test. 

We offer a First-Go Guarantee. In the case you don't pass your driving test, we will give you a FREE driving lesson before your next attempt. 

We will prepare you and ensure that you are well-equipped to pass the test. We do this by giving you pointers, providing a pre-test checklist, and will even run through a mock test. 

We are devoted to your safety on the road and are positive that the skills you learn will more than qualify you to be a safe, responsible solo driver. 

If you have not yet had a professional driving lesson with us, click the button below. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Driving Instructors who would love to help you on your journey to becoming a safe and confident driver as well as getting your driver's licence. 

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Timeline of the test day

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Your instructor will pick you up and take you to your test (in their car) and the Test Examiner will then conduct your test. 

The instructor will not be in the car at this time.


After completing your driving test, your instructor will take you home or to a preferred location (if practical). We do not charge extra fees if the test is running late beyond the regular 45 minutes.

The Test Examiner will give directions, which must be memorised and followed. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask the Test Examiner to clarify.


At the end of the driving test, the Test Examiner will take a few minutes to enter the data showing what happened on the test and then the computer will evaluate the scores.

Students must have a minimum of 90% of the total value of potential points, without any excessive 'FAILS' or an 'IMMEDIATE FAIL' recorded on the test sheet.

The Test Examiner will call the student to give and explain the results.


  1. The First-Go Guarantee does not apply to our Pre-Test Packages.
  2. Please have your First-Go Guarantee approved by your instructor before you take the RMS test.
  3. You have to take your FREE lesson within 30 days of your first attempt.
  4. Our First-Go Guarantee applies only for TWO test attempts in total.


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