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Structured and customised Canberra driving lesson to give you a hand in achieving your driving goals efficiently and gaining confidence behind the wheel.


At Onroad Driving School, we strive to equip you with the necessary tips and tricks to advance your driving skills in Canberra. Our professionally curated Canberra driving lesson focuses on intensive training sessions. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional and personalised training.

We help people from all walks of life. Whether you are a teenager first learning to drive, have special requirements, or have just moved to Canberra and need the proper qualifications, we have your back. Our instructors follow a concentrated approach and immerse you in multiple practical scenarios to develop skills.

Helping Learners to Learn To Drive Confidently

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Our brand values

Onroad can be your preferred Canberra driving school for the values and benefits we present. We possess the qualifications and experience to prove our expertise. Some of the values that make us different are:

1.  An Award-Winning Driving School

Onroad driving school has been recognised for its excellence and dedication to offering exceptional lessons. We provide advanced skills that extend beyond the basic driving test prerequisites.

2. Qualified instructors

Our Canberra driving school houses TfNSW- and RTS-certified instructors accredited with NDIS and Working with Children's Check. Their experience and knowledge can turn you into a proficient and self-assured driver.

3. Specialised driving lessons

Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking to refine your driving abilities as an experienced driver, we have customised courses to brush up your skills.

4. flexibility & convenience

We establish a constructive and relaxed atmosphere for learning based on your schedule. Our instructors offer the support and motivation to help you develop into a self-assured driver.

5. Online courses

Our Canberra driving school cares about your time and needs. We facilitate online courses spanning several specific and useful topics to improve your driving skills.

Why Take Professional Driving Lessons in Canberra?

The first and foremost reason to learn to drive is to acquire a license. While it may seem challenging, a few driving lessons are all you need to be ready to ace your test the first time around. Professional driving schools, like Onroad, can help you master every aspect of driving and prepare yourself.

1. Personalised Lessons

Not everyone learns the same way. And we know that! Therefore, we tailor our lessons to help you learn the correct driving technique and overcome your shortcomings.

2. Flexible Scheduling

Our instructors offer flexible lesson timings depending on your availability. You can easily fit your lessons around your commitments.

3. High First-Time Pass Rates

You can trust Onroad to collaborate and help you gain relevant skills to obtain a driver's license on your first attempt. Our Canberra driving instructor will train you and ensure you pass your driving test with flying colours.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

Our comprehensive Canberra driving lesson imparts immaculate strategies to make you a better driver. The course covers everything from highway merging and seamless gear changes to parallel parking and reverse driving.

5. A Better Driving Record

When you learn from a professional Canberra driving instructor, it means you have better driving habits. It helps you maintain a flawless driving record.

6. Competitive Pricing

We provide affordable pricing for each Canberra driving lesson. You can rest assured that you will receive the best value for your time and money.


Onroad is among the well-known Canberra driving schools. We put various driving lessons at reasonable prices without compromising the training quality. Not only do our instructors help you prepare and crack your test, but they also teach you how to take care of yourself while driving. Some recognised courses include:

1. Safe driving course

Our Safer Driving course is available in two modules. Module 1 is a 3-hour interactive workshop to show how you can identify and prevent risks on the road. It is followed by the second module, where we put the concepts learned earlier into practice. Our instructors provide theoretical and practical training and assist you in harnessing various strategies, including:

Speed Management

Hazard Awareness

Risk Avoidance

Crash Control

2. Disability driving

We are a registered NDIS provider and facilitate driver training for clients with NDIS funding. Each Canberra driving instructor in our school has adequate training and knowledge about the guidelines to help people with additional needs. We use modified vehicles to simplify the learning process:

Simple Spinner Knob

Dual Controlled Braking

Satellite Accelerator Corded Left

Veigel Eglassic Hand Control

3. Defensive Driving Training

Defensive driving training aims to furnish crucial and significant skills required to drive safely on the road. It gives you a hand in becoming more confident and safe. The course empowers you to navigate the roadways with caution, strategic thinking, and awareness. Our theory and practical exercises train you to:

Identify and manage risk

What to do in an emergency situation

Vehicle Safety Systems

Important Factors in Road Accidents

4. Drugs & alcohol awareness

We offer a Drugs and Alcohol Awareness program to build a supportive and non-judgmental environment for learners. You can enrol online or for in-person training with a trainer, depending on your preference. The course provides:

A general overview of drugs and alcohol

Building awareness of driving under the influence

Setting future plans to avoid drink driving offences

5. Highway driving

Our Highway driving course offers you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to drive on the highways effectively. The 3-hour course includes theory and practical elements to help you understand necessary safety measures. Our instructors guide you and help you achieve:

High-Speed Lane Changing

Overtaking Heavy Vehicles at High Speed

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

Highway Merging


Learning to drive or gear up your skills can be equally daunting and exciting. A professional and viable Canberra driving school and a few considerations can make it a success! Here are a few things to think about before you start your lessons:

1. Cost to Pass the Driving Test

Learn about the cost to register, and pass the driving test in Canberra. We position our Canberra driving lesson at budget-friendly rates. You can apply for specialised and intensive courses to work on your areas of improvement.

2. Familiarise yourself with the Driving Test

A driving test has two parts: a practical test and a theory test. While the latter concerns your control behind the wheel, the theory test contains written and hazard perception sections. We provide an exclusive and intensive Canberra driving lesson to cover theoretical and practical tests and conduct mock tests to evaluate your skills.

3. Finding the Best Driving School

Multiple schools are out there. You must research and analyse their offering to choose the one that suits you. You can access specialised courses focusing on a specific strategy at reasonable prices with us.

4. Be Prepared

Get all your required documents ready. Give yourself time on the road to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the test. Our Canberra driving instructor ensures you have a relaxed mind and body before you begin the lesson.

5. Communication is the Key

Clear any doubts or questions with your instructor before starting. Talk to your instructor about the areas where you lack or need improvement. We attentively listen to your needs and requirements and help you excel in your driving experience.


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