FREE Safer Drivers Course

You may be eligible for a FREE Safer Drivers Course!

The NSW government has agreed to fully fund the course for current Health Care and Pensioner Concession Card holders.

To be eligible for this course, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid NSW learner license
  • Be under the age of 25
  • Have completed the 50 logbook hours (of actual road experience and not credits from the 3 for 1 professional instruction scheme)
  • Hold a Health Care and Pensioner Concession Card

You'll need to fill out the Safer Drivers Course Concession Application form and then send a copy with your drivers licence and concession card to

The Safer Drivers Course was introduced by the NSW government from July 2013 and it has been designed by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) with the goal of educating young learner drivers under the age of 25 on safe driving practices. Research shows that Learners are at a much higher risk of crashes and accidents while they are in the mode of getting their P1 licence, and it also shows that the learners who have more supervised driving practice have less chance of being involved in a fatal crash.

The main aim of The Safer Drivers Course is to make people aware of safe and defensive driving methods, which can help them in the future also. Onroad Driving School is very passionate about this course because it sets out to improve learner drivers' level of driving and enhances their defensive driving skills. 

Both theoretical and practical driving lessons are provided by The Onroad Safer Drivers Course, which focuses on:

  • Main tips surrounding safe driving.
  • Speed management.
  • Hazard awareness.
  • Safe following distance (driving methods to avoid tailgaters).
  • Gap selection (driving with safe gap between cars).
  • Risk avoidance.
  • Crash control.
  • Other driving strategies that will help to avoid risks on the road.

The course consists of two modules: a workshop and in-car training.

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