Defensive Driving Training

Learning to drive isn’t about just passing your driving test! Unfortunately, that’s what majority of the learners think, leaving out crucial and important skills needed to drive safe on the road.

To pass your driver’s test you need to be assessed on your competency towards simple everyday driving tasks. Just getting a licence isn’t enough, but learning the right skills and techniques to be a good driver is what matters. This is exactly what the Defensive Driving Course focuses on.

We aim to educate drivers through a combination of theory and practical exercises on how to dramatically lower their risk behind the wheel.

  • - Identify and manage risk
  • - What to do in an emergency situation
  • - Important factors in road accidents
  • - Speed vs stopping distance
  • - Vehicle safety systems
  • - Vehicle dynamics
  • - Low risk driving strategies and emergency braking

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course.

Course Length: 3 hours

This course is available at flexible locations for your convenience

Price: $299.00 (inc GST)


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