NDIs training Course 



This online course was specifically designed to equip you with the best possible tools and techniques to teach people with varying disabilities how to drive. 

This course is designed for Driving Instructors who wish to expand their teaching scope and branch into Specialised Driver Training. The knowledge and tools explained in this course are invaluable to any Driving Instructor who wishes to understand disabilities better and how to handle certain situations with professionalism and care.  

Complete this course from the comfort of your own home and learn according to your schedule.

You will have 1 year to complete the course and you will receive a certificate of completion and receive the reward of being able to help people with disabilities achieve their dreams behind the wheel.


  • Common Disabilities
  • Methods for Teaching using Modifications
  • Driving with Cognitive Impairment
  • Improving Cognitive Function Therapy
  • Implications of Driving with a Disability
  • Anxiety behind the Wheel
  • The Importance of Vision
  • Ergonomic Principles
  • The Assessment Process On Road
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