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Unveil the roadmap to skilled and responsible driving and elevate your skills to navigate roads safely and confidently with our exclusive leading-edge courses!


Onroad Driving School stands as a beacon of excellence. We are committed to delivering unparalleled courses and lessons designed to elevate your driving skills. We offer a transformative learning experience that extends beyond the basics and strives to foster safe and adept drivers. You can gain a profound understanding of road etiquette and defensive manoeuvres through our meticulously crafted curricula and personalised instruction.

Not only does our school impart technical expertise, but it also instils confidence and shapes exceptional drivers while upholding a strong commitment to road safety. Our faculty of seasoned professionals benefits and allows you to learn from their rich experience and receive insightful guidance.

Helping Learners to Learn To Drive Confidently

Our brand values

Onroad can be your preferred Howrah driving school for the values and benefits we present. We possess the qualifications and experience to prove our expertise. Some of the values that make us different are:

1.  An Award-Winning Driving School

Onroad Driving School has been recognised for its excellence and dedication to offering exceptional lessons. We provide advanced skills that extend beyond the basic driving test prerequisites.

2. Qualified instructors

Our Howrah driving school houses RTS-certified instructors accredited with NDIS and Working with Children's Check. Their experience and knowledge can turn you into a proficient and self-assured driver.

3. Specialised driving lessons

Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking to refine your driving abilities as an experienced driver, we have customised courses to brush up your skills.

4. flexibility & convenience

We establish a constructive and relaxed atmosphere for learning based on your schedule. Each Howrah driving instructor offers the support and motivation to help you develop into a self-assured driver.

5. Online courses

Our Howrah driving school cares about your time and needs. We facilitate online courses spanning several specific and useful topics to improve your driving skills.

Why Take Professional Driving Lessons in howrah?

Professional driving lessons in Howrah offer a comprehensive approach to learning how to drive. It is a valuable investment for those seeking increased confidence and safer driving.

1. Preparation for Test

Our professional driving school offers specialised training to prepare you for your driving tests. It includes mock tests, simulated driving scenarios, and guidance for common test challenges.

2. Gradual Skill Progression

Our instructors follow a gradual skill progression and ensure you build your abilities step by step. It allows you to feel comfortable and confident with each new skill before moving on to the next.

3. Preparation for Test

A driving test assesses your ability to handle various traffic scenarios, follow road rules, and demonstrate safe driving practices. We provide structured guidance and personalised practice sessions to help you pass your driving test.

4.  Firsthand Defensive Driving

Our driving instructors emphasise defensive driving techniques to help you make informed decisions and handle any situation. They have experience and can provide you with practical insights.

5. Trusted Driving Instructors

Our reputable Howrah driving school employs trusted and qualified instructors. They have undergone proper training and certification and ensure they have the expertise to teach driving techniques effectively.

6.  Safe Driving Techniques

We foster consistent good habits, like using turn signals, checking blind spots, and obeying speed limits. Building these traits from the start contributes to safe and responsible driving practices.


The journey to learning to drive begins with arranging lessons with a Howrah driving instructor who instils a sense of comfort and confidence in you. Our school is renowned for our professional instructors and the effective curriculum we present. Some of our popular driving programs include:

1. Disability Driving Program

As an accredited NDIS provider, we specialise in offering driver training to individuals with NDIS funding. Our team of driving instructors is extensively trained and well-versed in the specific guidelines. You can rest assured you have acquired the essential skills and knowledge to re-enter the road with competence and assurance. We utilise specially adapted vehicles to streamline the learning journey, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible experience for all learners.

Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

Modified Vehicles

60+ Instructors Available

A Structured Lesson Plan

2. Highway Driving Course

Our Highway Driving lessons focus on sharpening your highway and motorway driving skills. It offers essential insights and safety tips. Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace and ensure you complete the course on a schedule that suits your convenience. We have designed the program to equip you with the knowledge and skills.

Highway Characteristics

Safe Driving

Other Road Users

Accidents and Emergencies

3. Advanced Driving Program

Our Advanced Driving Course puts forward crucial insights into scanning techniques and low-risk driving strategies for your safety on the road. It equips you with essential skills and knowledge and ensures you are well-prepared to be on the road. We encourage you to adopt proactive measures and confident driving practices.

Low-Risk Driving Strategies

Limiting Distractions

Road Rules Competency

Speed and Braking Distances

4. Suspended Licence

Our online course is dedicated to offering valuable driving advice and comprehensive road rules refresher modules, specifically to aid individuals who have faced a licence suspension. With the convenience of learning from home, you can now navigate through this course and regain your driving confidence on a schedule that suits you best. Our program addresses the unique needs of those who have experienced a licence suspension.

Road Rules

Attitude and Behaviour

Driving and the Legal System

Responsible Driving


While informal practice with family or friends is valuable, professional lessons are crucial for a more concentrated learning experience. Instructors can focus on specific skills and areas of improvement, which leads to quicker skill development. However, you must consider multiple aspects before you go for your first lesson:

1. Choose a Reliable Driving School

Research and select a reputable Howrah driving school or instructor. Look for reviews, recommendations, and certifications that demonstrate their competence and teaching skills.


Communicate your learning preferences to the Howrah driving instructor. Let them know about your comfort level, previous driving experience, and specific challenges you anticipate to receive precise training.


Understand the cost structure of the Howrah driving school or instructor you choose. Include the lesson cost, materials or resources provided, and potential additional fees for exams or permits. Ensure your budget aligns with the expenses involved.

4. Set Clear Goals

Define your objectives for taking driving lessons. It could be to pass the driving test, become a confident city driver, or master specific driving skills. Communicating your goals to your Howrah driving instructor will help them tailor the lessons to meet your needs.


Consider your schedule and availability when planning your Howrah driving lesson. Choose a schedule that allows for consistent practice and learning.


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