Award Winning Cordeaux Heights Driving Instructors and Driving Lessons

Cordeaux Heights is a suburb of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on the eastern foothills of Mount Kembla, and is just  north of Farmborough Heights.

Onroad Driving Education in the suburb of Cordeaux Heights is known for its excellence in the driving education industry and our team of driving instructors are very passionate and dedicated to their work, providing lessons on how to be a safe driver for life.

Driving Lessons are provided by Professional Driving Instructors in Cordeaux Heights. Onroad Driving Education in Cordeaux Heights is also an accredited Provider of Safer Drivers Course. The Safer Drivers Course is for Young Drivers who have completed 50 Hours of Driving and only cost $140 (Subsidised by RMS). You can get an additional credit of 20 hrs in Logbook by completing this Safer Drivers Course.

Onroad Driving Education is available in the southern suburb Cordeaux Heights, with the best driving instructors team available there. Safe Driving lessons are provided by Onroad Driving Education in Cordeaux Heights. Learn Driving with Best Driving Instructors in Cordeaux Heights.

We offer behind the wheel instruction with dedicated instructors.

Safer Drivers Courses & Test Car Packages available.

Instructors in Cordeaux Heights

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