Safer Drivers Course is now provided by Sydney’s No.1 Award winning Driving School - Safer Driver's Course

By Ronak
Safer Driver's Course

“Onroad Driving School Sydney’s leading driving school is now providing RMS accredited course Safer Drivers Course” The New South Wales Safer Drivers Course begins On July 2013, aiming to better train young drivers to reduce road trauma amongst young drivers.

Onroad Driving School is one of the best driving school in Sydney and providing driving lesson throughout Sydney and its suburbs, is now going to provide Safer Drivers Course which is highly promoted by NSW State Government and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Onroad Driving School is accredited by the NSW Government RMS to conduct the Safer Drivers Course for learners.

Ronak Shah, CEO & Founder of Onroad Driving School, has more than 20 years of experience in management and teaching industry and also as a Driving Instructor. It will be extra benefit for learners who will get Safer Drivers Course from Onroad Driving School as they will get supervised by highly experienced instructors and also highly developed technology of learning with animated technology at Onroad Driving School.

The Safer Drivers Course has been developed by a board of road safety experts including representatives from Centre for Road Safety, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police, road safety researchers and education specialists developed the course curriculum Safer Driver Course involves three hours' classroom discussion involving an instructor and 12 learner drivers, followed by two hours of individual in-car training. Safer driver course is designed to cover the risk of severe road accidents, which jumps up to a staggering level as drivers transition from their L-plates to their Ps'. The Safer Driver Course aims to help reduce these statistics and make sure you or your child are safer on the roads.

Learner drivers who have already completed 50 hours of supervised driving and under 25 years old can participate in this course, which includes three hours of theory and two hours of driving, at a cost of $140. As learner-licence holders are required to complete 120 hours of supervised driving before attempting their practical driving test, the NSW state government gives a 20-hour reduction for those completing the course will encourage learners to sign up. “

It is a great achievement for Onroad Driving School to providing Safer Drivers Course, We know that the most dangerous time for a young driver is in their Learner Licence and trying to get P1 Plates (Red P). Onroad driving School will help Learners to be risk free, time management and Hazardous awareness regarding safe driving and avoid crash.” Said Ronak Shah, CEO & Founder, Onroad Driving School.

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