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5 Stars

Jessica López

I would like to acknowledge Marta Pedroso because she is such a great teacher! She is very patient with me, she teaches me how to drive safely, she is always on time and helps me to be more confident on the weel. I would highly recommend booking with her!

5 Stars

Nan-yer Bresor

I love my learning experience with Marta, even its just a refresher's, it really made me ready on my practical and I did pass it. Thanks Marta

5 Stars


Marta is a wonderful instructor, knows what she’s doing and is so kind and informative during her lessons. Passed my test, will miss her!!

5 Stars

Annabelle Leung

Highly recommend Marta to anyone I know. She is patient, informative and consistently repeats instructions to suit my learning style. Marta always goes above and beyond to make me feel at ease and has got me into such good habits of predicting road situations ahead of time and being aware of what drivers and pedestrians might do. This has helped increase my confidence on the road, so much so, that I find when I am travelling as a passenger I'm telling the driver these things as well :)

5 Stars

Eda Gunaydin

Marta is a fantastic instructor who has helped me overcome my nervousness around driving, and I really appreciate the amount of experience and technique she brings into teaching. She always takes her work seriously but maintains a calm and welcoming environment :)

5 Stars

Henry Li

Marta has been the best driving instructor. She is always patient and willing to go the extra mile to help her students feel comfortable behind the wheel. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to drive!

5 Stars

Philippa Mihos

Could not recommend onroad driving school enough! After completing my Safer Driving Course with them, i continued lessons with my instructor Marta who taught me so much in the lead up to my test. I can definitely say she’s made me a more confident and safer driver. By far the best in the business, thank you for everything!

5 Stars

Melissa Begg

I learnt to drive over 6 months with my driving instructor Marta Pedroso. Marta is professional, reliable and an experienced driving instructor. Marta provided clear feedback on my driving consistently and encouraged me when I lacked confidence. She taught me all skills needed to pass the test-which I managed to pass the first time! I would highly recommend Marta as a driving instructor.

5 Stars

Lydia Soon

My driving instructor was Marta. I passed my driving test today!

After several failed driving test attempts and a long break between tests, I contacted Onroad driving school to get my confidence back in driving safely and confidently to do the test again.

She really knows the road rules in and out, really works on your driving technique, corrects bad habits (even the ones that I was unaware of).

Really good to chat with to ease off the nerves whilst driving too! Now I am more aware on the roads.

5 Stars

Isra Parr Plain

Marta Pedroso was the best driving instructor I could have asked for!! Her teaching was practical, complrehensive and easy to understand while also making every lesson fun. With her help I passed my test first time no problem and now feel safe and confident to drive by myself. The booking, payment, and reminder systems of Onroad were also excellent and simple to use. Thank you so much Marta and Onroad!!

5 Stars

Tomoko Suga

Marta was my driving instructor. She was extremely helpful in developing my skills. Every lesson was fulfilling and covered all the requirements leading to the test day. The lessons were very professional and I was pleased by the outcome and results. Instructor conducted preparations for a lot of situations that may arise, such as hazards, safety, parking and control of car to drive confidently. I appreciate the recommendation for test area and becoming familar with the roads. Some driving lessons focused on improving the student's weak points and completely fixing them. Overall the lessons were very professional. I was very satisfied with the challenge of new ways, new situations or even fixing habits. Her personality and as an instructor kept the student calm, relaxed and less stressed.

5 Stars

Larissa Peatfield

I had been doing lessons with Marta until I passed my test a few weeks ago. Marta was a great instructor, always friendly but very professional. I gained a lot more confidence and valued the feedback she provided at the end of each lesson. Thank you again for helping me to get my license.

5 Stars

Oliver Derbyshire

Marta is a great instructor!

I passed first time after 20 lessons. She has great knowledge and experience making sure you are a safe driver and will pass the test. I’ll miss our chats.

All the best,


5 Stars

Colm O'Callaghan

Marta Pedroso far surpassed my expectations of what a great driving instructor would be. I am so grateful I got her as a teacher and wouldn't have passed my test as well as I did had it not been for her. She is a brilliant teacher - detailed, thorough and explains everything with such clarity. She really cares. She also has a great sense of humour which makes a big difference. Thank you, Marta!

5 Stars

Molly Richards

A massive thank you to Marta! From my first lesson with her I knew I was in safe hands. I did around 20 hours as well as the Safer Driving Course. She was a great teacher, patient, experienced and calm. She also teaches by the book which means you are well versed in the road rules and prepared for the test.

Thanks to Marta I now have my P1 license.

5 Stars

Millie Babutsali

Marta is an awesome instructor. She goes over the road rules continually as you are driving to reinforce their role and importance. Marta is very accomodating and chatty which is excellent because she takes the nervousness out of learning how to drive. Overall, she is absolutely fantastic!!! Would highly recommend.

5 Stars

David Conway

Marta is an excellent instructor. Very professional and knows her job very well. She made me feel relaxed and was very friendly. I don't believe I would have passed my test as quickly as I did if it wasn't for me learning wiht Marta. I highly recommend Marta!

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