Testimonials - Marta Pedroso

5 Stars


Marta is a wonderful instructor, knows what she’s doing and is so kind and informative during her lessons. Passed my test, will miss her!!

5 Stars

Millie Babutsali

Marta is an awesome instructor. She goes over the road rules continually as you are driving to reinforce their role and importance. Marta is very accomodating and chatty which is excellent because she takes the nervousness out of learning how to drive. Overall, she is absolutely fantastic!!! Would highly recommend.

5 Stars

David Conway

Marta is an excellent instructor. Very professional and knows her job very well. She made me feel relaxed and was very friendly. I don't believe I would have passed my test as quickly as I did if it wasn't for me learning wiht Marta. I highly recommend Marta!

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