Hi, I'm Sapna Shah and I am a fully qualified female driving instructor with 9+ years of driving experience and an accredited Keys2Drive (Free Driving Lesson) driving instructor in Western Sydney. I teach students in a highly professional manner. I am very calm & friendly and am 100% focused on teaching safe driving techniques. As the director of the company, I am always willing to help students to get their licence first go and I have a very high pass rate. I am also a Safer Drivers Course Facilitator and Coach.


10 years


Physical, vision and cognitive defects and implications for driving, mental illness, anxiety and ageing and implications for driving; vehicle modifications for disabilities; on-road assessment, teaching methods and remediation for specific modifications, disabilities and medical conditions; vehicle ergonomics, licensing policies and procedures; medico-legal and ethical issues. 

5 Star Rating


Thank you very much for your help in getting the licence for me. I really appreciate your Professional training, especially identifying the exact reason, when the student did mistakes. Such an understanding & solution from you, help the students to rectify their mistake quickly. Also your repetitive instructions helps students to improve their driving skills quickly and easily………Well Done Sapna.


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