Hi, I'm Kumar and I pride myself on being an excellent and qualified trainer. My goal for you is to learn how to become a safe driver for life as well as understand the rules of the road in order to graduate from a Learner's Licence to your Provisional one. I am friendly and positive and I look forward to helping you take the next step in your driving experience. 


5 years

Skills & Interests: 

  • Accredited and Trained by Rehab On Road for Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation in the following areas: 

Physical, vision and cognitive defects and implications for driving, mental illness, anxiety and ageing and implications for driving; vehicle modifications for disabilities; on-road assessment, teaching methods and remediation for specific modifications, disabilities and medical conditions; vehicle ergonomics, licensing policies and procedures; medico-legal and ethical issues. 

Other languages:

  • Hindi
  • Fijian




5-star ANCAP Rated Mazda CX-3

Vehicle Modifications:

  • Veigel eClassic Hand Control (LHD)
  • MyCommand - Electric Spinner Knob
  • Manual Quick Release Left Foot Accelerator mounted to the floor
  • Simple Spinner Knob
  • Dual Controlled Braking


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