When I became a driving instructor, I made it my mission to help individuals equip themselves with strong skills for safe and confident driving. With over 40 years’ experience on the road, I can confidently say that I have immense knowledge to pass down to my prospective students. As your potential driving instructor my focus will be on teaching you the right way to drive, and in doing so, providing you with skills and habits which will aid you for a lifetime. Each lesson will vary and be tailored according to the individual. I will ensure that in teaching, I assess your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with opportunities to grow. I will  also ensure that you’re driving is in perfect condition prior to any examination, and that all areas are covered for you to succeed. Ultimately in becoming you’re driving instructor, I am not only balancing my passion for driving, I am also balancing my passion to teach. I look forward to teaching you and am excited for your journey yet to come.


Other languages

  • Farsi/Persian


  • Automatic


5-star ANCAP rated 2019 Mazda 3


Reviews 5 Star Rating


Fred was very patient and calm and helped identify the areas to improve very quickly. Fred was polite and knowledgeable and helped me feel more confident driving on the road.


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