Greetings, I am Daniel, a dedicated driving instructor at Onroad. My approach to instructing is founded on professionalism, patience, and understanding, reflecting my fervent commitment to guiding and supporting learner drivers on their journey toward obtaining their driver's license.
I embrace innovation as a means to enhance the learning process and strive to instill a SAFETY-FIRST mindset, ensuring safety and increasing the likelihood of passing the road test.
My instructional style is characterized by a calm and encouraging atmosphere, with a strong emphasis on patience. I recognize that each learner possesses a unique learning style, and I adapt accordingly to ensure the optimal learning experience. I'm really excited to meet you and give you all the support you need to become a safe and highly skilled driver on the road.


20+ years of Driving Experience


Other languages:

  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi




5-star ANCAP Toyota Corolla Sedan Hybrid 2022

Suburbs Covered

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