Hi, my name is Vince. I’ve been in the transport industry as a professional driver for over 30 years. After deciding on a career change, I became a driving instructor. My motivation is to instil life skills, observation skills, and a proactive attitude to students, to ensure they become effective and defensive drivers. I’m a patient, friendly and calm driver which makes for a relaxed and fun learning environment. I look forward to working with you and making you a safe and competent driver.


30+ years of Driving Experience


Other languages:

  • Italian


  • Automatic
  • BYO Manual


2021 Toyota Corolla Hatch Hybrid

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Vince made me feel very confident in my driving, road awareness and parking. I’m so glad to be taught by such a comforting/calm person especially for nerve wrecks like me. I made it clear I wasn’t confident in my parking, so we went through all types of parking until I got the hang of it! He’s a lovely person with a great sense of humour. Be careful when it comes to no right/left turns though, he may try to trick you into turning??
If you want to learn to drive, Vince is the man for the job.


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