Hi, my name is Evan,
To prepare myself as an instructor, I have completed a training program and earned an instructor's license. I have a valid driver's license, flawless driving record and a clean criminal background. I get a real satisfaction from ensuring that I teach people to drive safely on the busy roads today and enjoy the challenges that this teaching sometimes brings. I have lots of patience, which is one of the most important traits an instructor needs when teaching others to drive. I have the ability to remain calm and help students learn to drive in a responsible and safe manner. I have the skills to teach students correct driving posture, how to read the instrument panel and how to accelerate and brake correctly. I have the skills and training to work one on one with students to make sure they fully understand their responsibility when they get behind the wheel and that safety should always come first. I also have the ability to know when a student needs more practice and training before passing the class


15 years of Driving Experience


Other languages

Arabic & Syriac




2017 White Toyota Corolla sedan



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