Testimonials - Georges Slewo

5 Stars

Daniel Villarreal

My instructor was Georges Slewo, he was amazing in the amount of time I had with him, he gave me the tools and knowledge to pass the test, I had an overseas license, but there are many things you have to do different here the experience was great. I would definitely recommend him as your next instructor

5 Stars

Rollin Chen

It's great

5 Stars

Samuel Noble

Had a lesson with Georges Slewo today and can highly recommend him as a driving instructor. He has a high attention to detail, excellent knowledge of test requirements and provided a well structured lesson.

5 Stars

Ali Berenji Tehrani

I've been taking driving lessons with Georges and have improved a lot in driving. His patience and instructive methods have definitely helped me to build up my confidence in driving so far. I would recommend him to you!

5 Stars

Gaetan De Dietrich

Amazing instructor - only took 3 sessions to pass - great advice and confidence building
George know what to tell you, when to tell you and how to tell you // his tips made all the difference quickly understanding the test metrics and how to pass - 100% recommend!

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