Testimonials - Antony Chan

5 Stars

Eduardo Miguel Cueto

Passed my driving test, thanks to Antony Chan for the superb instruction and practical advice!

5 Stars


Thank you to instructor Antony from the inner west area! He was extremely patient, calm and a very good teacher. He was also friendly and made you feel very comfortable and confident when driving with him. I'm thankful for the support and lessons with Antony.
If you're after a calm and great teacher, highly recommend him!

5 Stars

Sherly Sherly

Learned how to drive from 0 driving knowledge to passing the test. Antony is very patience and professional. He gives a lot tips and feedback, ensuring I have high confidence to drive and correcting techniques. Thanks Antony!

5 Stars

Tran Kim (Kylie) Thuyen

Antony is amazing! He’s absolutely excellent at his job! Im so thankful for his great attitude, expertises and experience. He taught me well and gave me lots of confidence and feedback about my driving so I can improve to perfect level. Im so happy I passed my P today :)

5 Stars

Edwin Ngetich

It was awesome moment to have a great instructor. We did some few practice with Anthony and I manage to pass my exams. Thanks to onroad for these services ...Merry Christmas and happy prosperous New Year 2019.


5 Stars


My instructor, Antony, is a perfect driving instructor. He explains everything you need to know for safe driving and for passing the driving test successfully. He is always calm and sympathetic. 

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